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Tuesday 6 October, 2020

Happy National Noodle Day

City Cross is celebrating! National Noodle Day is October 6th, and we thought it would be great to get on the bandwagon with our American friends, and give noodles some much-deserved recognition. 🍜

Noodles are the true team players of the food world. They soak up the flavours in sauces and stir fries and they add substance to soups and spring rolls.

So get ready to pay homage to your favourite pho, shlurp down a tasty Seafood Laksa, and fill up your bellies with all our delicious noodle options in the City Cross food court.

🥢 Hua’s Kitchen: Singapore Noodles
🥢 Roll’d: Bun Noodle Salad
🥢 VietMenu: Beef Noodle Soup
🥢 City Yum Cha BBQ: Wonton noodle soup
🥢 Sawadee Ka Thailand Cafe: Thailand Seafood Laksa
🥢 Tatsu Sushi Ya Japanese Cuisine: BBQ Pork Ramen

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