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Interview with Adelaide Food Authority

Imagine yourself being wined and dined at the finest restaurants, attending Adelaide’s most prestige events and getting paid to simply eat. Welcome to the life of an Instagram Food Blogger! We interviewed Dee Pene, a popular Adelaide Food Blogger – who is also well-known as Adelaide Food Authority. Dee shares with us some tips on how to get the perfect foodie snap and whats involved for those who are wanting to become Adelaide’s next big thing.

What is a food blogger?
Dee: To me, it’s someone that’s passionate about sharing their food experiences, especially when a dish is prepared “picture perfect”. 

What inspired you to start a food Instagram? 
Dee: My parents brought me up with a lot of dining out so I guess I’ve always loved it from a young age. And because I eat out a lot, I thought I should “document” the different places I have been to and really enjoyed.

However, I only got serious about it after my second child was born, to avoid being bored at home since I had stopped working completely to become a full time mum. Hoping to inspire people to go out and try these places I’ve been through my page. 

How do you prepare for an Instagram foodie shot? Lighting is number one. Even without all the decorations in the background or beautiful scenery, every shot will look good when your lighting is perfect. Also, I like to add filter.

What camera do you use?
Dee: Huawei Mate 20Pro. I am keen to get a proper camera though. 

What’s the perfect shot in your eyes?
Dee: With me in it… No, just joking! I love a good clear flat lay but I also love capturing the highlight of the dish when it comes to a food shot. 

What’s your favourite food to shoot? How do you choose just one? I love when chefs put their efforts to assemble their food. Food isn’t just about the taste (although that’s number 1 in my book) but also how it is presented. Give me florals, beautiful herbs to garnish, a smokey effect, etc and I will shoot the heck out of it. 

What’s your favourite place to eat at in City Cross?
Dee: I love Viet Menu. They have a beautiful range of food and the taste is consistent. Very affordable and they don’t skim on the portion. Also, they present them very well. Ps: they also make a delicious durian smoothie which is my fave! Haha. 

Do you have any tips for people wanting to become a food blogger?
Dee: Oh this will be a long one… 

    1. Don’t do it just for the “gram”, do it because you are passionate about food and how it makes you feel. 

    2. Please remember everyone has a different palate. What tastes good to you may not be so appetizing for someone else.

    3. Broaden beyond your comfort zone and eat new things. 

    4. The most important thing: please don’t become a food blogger to get ‘freebies’. If you call yourself a foodie then shouldn’t you be willing to pay to receive the service and the food you are so passionate about?

Photos taken by: Ilwan Pesa @pesaphotography 

Photos are taken at Viet Menu, City Cross with Steven Pham owner of Viet Menu. 

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