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The year started off with seeing devastation spread across the country, with the worst fires we’ve ever seen. To offer their support, Muffin Break committed to raising $1 for every lamington product sold during the month of January.

Congratulations to all of you who helped them reach above and beyond their expectations for our Lamington products sold in January for Australian Wildlife Rescue Organisation (WIRES). Muffin Break have been able to raise over $65,000 for the charity that is rescuing and caring for the innocent animals caught in fire-devastated areas.

A total of 21,297 lamington products were sold in January. Muffin Break’s parent company, Foodco, matched Muffin Break dollar for dollar towards every lamington product sold. Darrell Lea also committed to a $10,000 donation. And there was over $12,000 raised purely from the donation boxes each of you have on your counters.

An amazing effort from all of their customers to support such a charity to make a big difference for our injured wildlife.

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